COVID-19 self-declaration form


Aware of the penal consequences in case of false statement pursuant to articles 46 and 47 D.P.R. nr. 445/2000,


  • not to be subjected to the quarantine measure as a close contact of the confirmed case COVID-19 or for recent return from abroad;
  • not to be subjected to fiduciary home isolation as a positive result for the detection of the SARS-COV-2 virus;
  • not to have a temperature > 37.5 ° C or flu-like symptoms (eg cough, impaired perception of flavors and odors, intestinal problems, etc.);
  • to be aware of the obligation to adopt all the necessary measures to prevent infection with COVID-19 during the stay inside the event venue;

This self-declaration is issued as a preventive measure related to the pandemic emergency of SARS CoV 2.